About us

With a rich history of nearly three decades, we have been a part of the nation's development process supplying goods and services to the public and the private sector. The Organization's diversified activities include trading, healthcare, essential oils and flavours, engineering and conceptualizing stylish interiors..

Ceyoka is the leading marketing agent for a vast range of world renowned brands, offering diverse products and services at competitive prices and a flexible sales and service network nationwide.

As a member of the country's leading conglomerate Nawaloka Holdings, Ceyoka has achieved tremendous success in its trading activities. Moreover, the vast island wide client base of the Nawaloka Holdings offers Ceyoka an unbeatable advantage over its competitors. The trading arm of the Organization, Nawaloka Trading operates in a variety of business fields including construction and welding equipment, power solutions and agriculture products.

Ceyoka Health is a leading supplier of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and surgical equipment to both Government and private sector institutions in Sri Lanka. As sole agent for legendary flavor house, Frey + Lau in Sri Lanka, is recognized as one of the largest suppliers of flavors in the Sri Lankan markert.

Pioneering road and building construction, Ceyoka Engineering caters to the construction sector and allied industries including water proofing, insulation, exteriors and professional lighting and the importing of industrial equipment. Ceyoka interior solutions providing arm Koala, manufactures furniture and offers unique stylized interiors to discerning clientele, while retailing modern and high quality products in main strategic locations in Sri Lanka.

Ceyoka continuously strives to draw upon its integrated corporate strength to reinforce and expand its operating base whilst contributing towards a better society.

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