We are one of the leading pharmaceutical distribution companies in Sri Lanka. Our product line starts from basic to high-end drugs from USA, Switzerland, China, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Korea & many more. We believe in team work, professionalism, proactiveness and innovation which made our path easier to become who we are today. Our main strengths are our business partners, loyal customer base and an Island-wide network, that includes our experienced and competent staff.

Our Partners

The Regulatory department of Ceyoka ensures that our Companies/Agencies comply with all the regulations and laws pertaining to Registration and Importation of Pharmaceuticals. The Regulatory Department is the key interface between the company and the Drug Authority. Starting from the Agency Registration we work closely with our partners to comply with the necessary submissions that are mandatory during the entire Drug Registration Process.

We recognize , accept and appreciate that drug regulation are about ensuring the safety of drug products for the public � and we are proud to contribute towards maintaining the high standards of the Drugs which are imported to Sri Lanka.

Tender Division

With over 25 years of experience in successfully handling public sector tenders, and maintaining high professionalism, the Ceyoka-Tender Division understands, identifies and targets products floated at tenders in the Government and Private sectors in the medical field. This includes; Pharmaceuticals, Medical Equipment, Devices, Disposables and Raw Materials.

The division maintains complete data on past, present and forth-coming tenders which enables the division to provide prompt and accurate figures in order to assist partners in decision making when quoting for a tender.

Tender information, tender offer submission, participation at tenders, result submission , close follow-ups and timely action until a shipment arrives to the end users are carried out by a dedicated and professional team maintaining high confidentiality methods thus ensuring the success that this Division has acquired in the years of its dedicated service.

Marketing/Distribution & Business Development

Our Distribution network is one of the best distribution networks within the country, Through our distributors we extend our reach to over 1800 chemists in the island which make us leaders in the industry.

The Business Development Department is functioning with the strategic focus of the Pharmaceutical division, we believe in investing in a healthy future and the BDD is how we make dream into reality, overlooking the Promotions, Marketing, Sales & Distribution, Inventory Management, Regulatory, Administration, Data & Information Management, Strategic Management, Budgeting related to Sales & Marketing, with the objective in adding value and stream line the functions.

A young & energetic team comprises of the BDD headed by the Business Development Manager, the BDD being the most important DMU in the Pharmaceutical division, it operates with the foresight in developing the ethics & good practice of Ceyoka.

Principal Companies

We have suppliers from USA, South Korea, China, India, Pakistan, Singopore, Malaysia, Bangladesh and more.


We have products which in Monopoly, Oligopoly, Monopolistic, Oligospony, Duopoly markets. We own a number of brands which are the market leaders.

Our products portfolio includes very simple general products, Antibiotics (Capsules, Tablets, Syrups, Suspensions, etc.), Creams, Lotions, Ointments, IVs, Vitamins, PPIs, Vaccines, Onco Product, Hormones and more